Have Glass Will Travel

“When you think of Paladin, think of me.”
I’ve been in the glass business for 40 years doing business in the old style…face to face. Recently, Mark at Bearglass had me get a blackberry and now this website. So I may be old fashioned, preferring to talk with my customers in person, but now here I am……
As an independent representative nobody is my boss…except you, the customer.

Instant Help

Instant Help

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My partners

I sell for leaders in the Glass Industry;

Bear Glass: - Specializing in fabricated glass products, custom laminating and painting, shower doors, and just about everything else in glass.

Walker Glass: - Manufacturers of quality mirror, and the Textures line of acid etched products for the trade.

Lamiver: - Manufacturers of PVB laminated glass billets, bullet resisting glass, specialty colors etc.

Gamco: - Suppliers of aluminum for the store front and window industry, doors, windows, skylites, and stainless steel products.

My purpose is not to sell for the cheapest price, but to offer the best value, quality, service, and on time delivery. And…I can meet any price.

E-mail: skorm622@gmail.com
Phone: 516-984-7042